There is such a wide range of interior color schemes and decorating ideas available today that it could become difficult to pick the best option for your home. Interior painting can lend a fresh, stylish and cheerful appearance to your room and make it come back to life!

The new interior painting colour trends allow homeowners to use light, dark, pale, soft as well as rich color tones in different combinations. Here are some of the latest trends in interior painting colors offered by professional interior painters in Halifax:

1. White and blue
In 2016, the combination of white, light and rich blue colors will be quite popular among homeowners. These colors combined with brown and gray shades reflect contemporary interior wall painting trends that get their inspiration from the beautiful oceans.
These colors can be used in the bedroom with complimenting décor such as driftwood crafts, coastal-type furniture and nautical themed accessories. It will help to create a very soothing overall effect in the space.

2. Gray and white
The gray color tone is timeless and always looks elegant, irrespective of whether it is used with modern or traditional décor. Interior painters in Halifax recommend combining white and gray tones and metallic accents to create a distinctive look for your living space. This combination offers a very futuristic appearance to the home. You can balance out these cool colors with hints of brown wood colors to create an overall warm ambiance.

3. Coffee colors
This color scheme is perhaps an all-time favorite of homeowners all over the world. According to Halifax interior painters, the evergreen coffee-cream combination of interior wall painting is going to shine even in 2016. But homeowners can think about combining these warm color tones with creamy yellows, beige and white décor ideas.

This color theme gets its inspiration from white and dark chocolates, coffee and cream. They make the living space appear extremely cozy and comfortable. The coffee color scheme is highly recommended for those who prefer traditional décor ideas.

4. Bright and bold
If you’re not inclined to stick to the ancient color schemes and décor ideas, feel free to go for brighter shades in your bedrooms. The bedroom reflects your personality and lifestyle and should be painted in colors that match your personal taste. If you love having bright colors around, pick colors such as orange, deep red, purple, and yellow to compliment the white ceiling. You don’t necessarily have to paint all the walls in your room in bright or dark shades. Instead pick a single wall (or two walls) and paint it in a bold, bright color tone.
Bring in 2016 by embracing colored walls in your home!